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Mason’s – Double Hipster Apocalypse


“Now twice as cool as you.” So hazy it almost looks like orange juice, with minimal head retention, and the aroma hits you IMMEDIATELY after you open the can and start pouring; notes of orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, mango, basically a tropical fruit salad. I’m wanting to call this beer a milkshake IPA based of the aroma and appearance alone. The taste is sweet and juicy as expected, with a crisp bready flavor towards the back of the palate combined with a light effervescent body. The finish is long but low in bitterness with notes of citrus peel, pine sap, and herbal hops. Overall, this is an amazing IPA, on par with Heady Topper for me and is so sweet and juicy it still reminds me of a milkshake before the mouthfeel and finish remind you it is an IPA, but gently so. I must find more of this…


Bonus shots of the hipsters on the can:

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